Conference Workshops: Oxford Instruments and UnitDX

We are pleased to announce three workshops that will take place during the conference.

Business skills workshop with Oxford Instruments

Lead by Ziad Melhem, Alliances manager at Oxford Instruments

This introductory workshop focuses on developing a business case within the Nanoscience industry based on a recent Oxford Instruments project. Attendees will gain skills and understanding of all the elements involved in planning a strategic project at a high technology business from start to finish. The workshop will involve group work, where teams will research and develop their own business case, considering factors such as; why this is a strategic project, who is the customer and the application, the market, risk analysis and intellectual property consideration. Finally, they will present their summarised business case to an audience.

Commercialising University Research – Researcher to Entrepreneur with UnitDX
Led by Harry Destecroix, Director at Ziylo and Unit DX

The talk will cover the commercialisation process of recent University of Bristol start-up, Ziylo, and how this fed into the development of Bristol Science Innovation Centre, Unit DX. During the talk, we will go through the steps taken to go from a PhD project to raising capital, negotiating Intellectual property & building a team of 17 people. Ziylo CEO and Founder, Dr Harry Destecroix, will cover lessons learned during the process, as well as his latest venture, Unit DX. As Central Bristol’s first lab space for start-ups, Unit DX is working towards building a new scientific ecosystem in the area, by working in partnership with the University of Bristol and SETsquared.

We will also have an exciting workshop from Vox coaching.

See you all soon!

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